Just In! New Wide Backings!

For our traditional quilters, we have just added 5 new wide backings! 

Check them out!



Renee said...

Oooh! These are gorgeous! I may need to make the red, black & white quilt top I have set aside a bigger priority. Then, I will need to decide if I like the baroque red or the red tonal fabric better. These are all just gorgeous!

Suzy Cowan said...

Oh Thearica, I just love so many of them.. the colors are so vibrant. We'll have to talk about maybe adding a couple of them to my box if there is any room left in it...lol. I think the Navy Blue, Purple and Dk. Mint just might be my favorites, but there are so many beauties to choose from. I know they sell by the 1/2 yd, but I am so hoping they aren't precut as the smallest quilt in my project drawer is a Queen size... Can't wait till we talk again.. Hope all is well with you and with your brother's surgery.. keeping you all in my prayers. ~SuzyJCinColorado~